Ceremonial Matcha (Bulk)

Bulk Organic Ceremonial Grade Matcha

Origin: Kagoshima, Japan

Matcha Dao’s finest and most premium matcha tea, made with only the highest grade tea leaves

This wholesale matcha is carefully packed in multiple food grade 30g packets, maximising the quality and freshness of this premium matcha powder




Wholesale Organic Ceremonial Grade Matcha; our finest matcha green tea

Sourced from a single estate organic farm located in Kagoshima; Japan’s second largest tea producing region

Made with only the highest grade spring tea leaves which are carefully hand-picked.  Our farmers wait 5 years for plants to grow before harvesting, this allows roots to develop deep into the mineral rich soil.  Our tea plantations enjoy some unique environmental benefits including the fresh spring water from the Krishima mountains and generations of farming experience from this family run farm

Certified organic by Japanese standards and certified in the UK by the Soil Association

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Taste Profile

Smooth, creamy, light bodied and no traces of bitterness
Vibrant vivid green in colour
Super premium quality, can be enjoyed both as ‘usucha’ and ‘koicha’

Perfect Serve

1 tea spoon of matcha
100ml water (100°C)
Whisk for 20 seconds until frothy

1 tea spoon of matcha
100ml water (room temperature)
Whisk for 20 seconds & serve over ice