Matcha Dao Organic Green Tea Farm

Matcha Dao’s tea farm for organic green loose tea

Matcha Dao’s tea products are all 100% natural and certified as organic green loose tea by the UK Soil Association.  Most importantly, we have carefully selected our Japanese partners.  We source from a single estate, organic, family run farm located in Kagoshima.  This fantastic geographic area is the second largest matcha powder producing region in Japan.

Our matcha tea products are imported directly from our partners farm. Therefore, there is no middle man involved with the handling of our speciality teas.  We offer various quality grades of matcha, from cooking or culinary matcha, to super premium ceremonial matcha and everything in between.

Organic Green Loose Tea Partners

Our Japanese partners are fully certified organic.  In addition, the tea facility is FSSC22000 and Halal certified.  To give assurances to our customers, matcha products undergo rigorous testing.  For instance, Eurofins Scientific one of Europe’s strictest product safety centres test for pesticides, radiation and heavy metals.  Our farm has been producing matcha through generations of the family and have won significant awards.

Our tea farmers wait 5 years for plants to grow before harvesting and the industry standard is usually 3 years.  Consequently, this results in roots growing deeper into the ground and enhancing the nutritional benefits of the matcha powder.  The family and the team have so much love and passion for matcha powder.  Moreover, they care about every detail of the production process and quality is at the forefront of what they do.

Producing matcha powder in the wonderful Kagoshima region

Matcha Dao’s teas are grown in areas of dense forest and around 500 meters above sea level.  As a result, at this high altitude the climate is both wet and sunny.  Temperatures contrast widely between day and night.  The air is crystal clear and there is often thick fog.  These unique conditions are optimal for cultivating premium organic green loose tea.

Due to a volcanic eruption thousands of years ago, soil is rich with minerals and has thriving colonies of micro-organisms.  The farm uses composts which are fermented for four years, primarily because this improves the level of soil fertility.  The soil is completely free of pesticides, chemical fertiliser and herbicides.

Water from the Krishima mountains is full of minerals.  It is stored in a number of reservoirs and is piped through to the tea plantations.  This fresh spring water is also used in the steaming process and enhances the green colour of tea leaves.

To summarise, when you combine this natural environment with years of farming experience.  In addition, the advanced soil management techniques and the matcha knowledge.  The result is unique and complex aromas of our quality, speciality teas.